Kayla’s Story

Come As You Are, not only accepted me right where I was, but also welcomed me into their home. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for Come as You Are for the tools they gave me including the Life Skills course, the steps, but most of all the counseling. I have had a lot of trauma in my life and today I can talk about it.

I can give back to women the way I was given. I do not think I would be as far as I am in my journey if I had not received the honor and blessing of doing the program at Come as You Are. I have made a new family with strong amazing people and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Dan and Cyndi have given everything for the chance to help women get their lives back, love who they are, and succeed in life. All with the grace of God. It is not only a treatment centre, but as well, they have built a loving home. I will always be grateful and proud to say I have Come as You Are in my life ❤

Kayla – 32 years old