Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd.

What if you could live the life you dreamed of?

Our program is designed to help you find your path. A better life is possible. At Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. you will be given the opportunity to graduate with confidence and a zest for living.

It takes COURAGE to take this step in your life. With renewed HOPE, you can begin the process of HEALING and lay a foundation of STRENGTH for a fulfilling journey.

We will walk alongside you to combat a life stuck in the world of addiction giving you the tools needed to move into your healthy lifestyle. We aspire to help you to break the vicious cycle of addiction.

We work with you, with love and compassion, equipping you with skills to excel in life and embrace your unique gifts. Since each person is diverse in their challenges, so is our program. We will work to meet your specific, individual needs required to live a rewarding, addiction-free life.

Leaning Against Wall
Healing the Brokenness


DragonflyWe have chosen the dragonfly as our symbol to signify hope, change and love.

In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

The change that is often referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life. The dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implication and aspects of life. The dragonfly moves with elegance and grace. The dragonfly is iridescent both on its wings and body.  Iridescence shows itself in different colors depending on the angle and how the light falls on it. The magical property or iridescence is also associated with the discovery of one’s own abilities by unmasking the real self and removing the doubts one casts on her own sense of identity.

The dragonfly symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t, and to make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis. The eyes of the dragonfly symbolize the uninhibited vision of the mind and the ability to see beyond the limitations of the human self. Dragonflies can be a symbol of self that comes with maturity. They can symbolize going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change.

The dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, and change for many centuries.