Marley’s Story

I don’t even know where to start, there is so much I could say about Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. – I guess I’ll start with how desperate I was. I was 5 months pregnant the last time I used, that’s when I decided enough was enough. I had stopped using and made it to just over 30 days clean on my own – but I was really struggling with feeling worthy and deserving, I had nowhere to go and no one willing to help.

I was 6 months pregnant and had been turned down by multiple other treatment centres, and Cyndi’s was the last place I was willing to try. I felt so desperate and defeated. After one phone conversation, Cyndi knew I had potential and within a week I arrived at Come As You Are. She took a chance on me that no one else even would’ve considered taking.

I knew the way I was living wasn’t working, and I knew I needed to change, well.. everything. I put my all into every aspect of Cyndi’s program. Although there were tough times when I wanted to quit and leave, I had nowhere to go, so I stayed.

I learned so much in the Life Skills program that Cyndi very carefully put together. I can’t even put into words how truly grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to attend and complete the 60-day program at Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd.

I found who I truly am in this beautiful, secluded, little piece of heaven on earth! I am eternally grateful that Cyndi took decades of experience, strength and hope, and built an entire program around it – because that program saved my life, it saved my ability to be a mom, and it allowed me to chance to rebuild all my relationships.

The program at Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. can and will work for anyone who is willing to sit down, and actually do the work – I would recommend it to anyone!

Marley – 26 years old