Emily’s Story

Welcome. If you are reading this and are suffering with addiction, or someone you love is, you are in the very right place. Come As You Are has been a God-given miracle. It provided me from day 1, the strength to make space for the journey of healing to begin. Breaking the chains and freeing myself from the horrifying and deadly grip of addiction. (more…)

Anna’s Story

When I came to Cyndi’s I was completely broken and hopeless. I was suffering on the inside, barely hanging on by a thread but no one knew because I held it together and presented myself well. I kept trying to get sober on my own but I was consumed with anxiety and the obsession to drink and I had no idea how to cope with life without alcohol. I knew that no one should have to go through life suffering every day. (more…)

Jocelyn’s Story

Hi! My name's Jocelyn, and I’m over 2 years clean. Before I came to Come as You Are I was a very broken 24-year-old girl. I struggled with addiction for ten years. I came from a really good home but often felt like I couldn’t fit in anywhere. (more…)

Vicky’s Story

Come as You Are Women's Addiction Services Ltd. offers an amazing, "God-breathed" program.  It empowers me to identify what my issues are, accept myself, my past, and my current situation, and make the decision to take control of my life by meeting life on life's terms. (more…)

Rowan’s Story

When I showed up to Come as You Are I was a broken girl. Over the 2 months I stayed I developed a healthy sense of self and very helpful coping mechanisms. I left Come as You Are a strong, determined woman. The staff at Come as You Are impacted me greatly. The love and support made me feel safe, heard, and worthy. (more…)

Jen’s Story

Every morning started the same: Looking out my bedroom window … the sunrise, beautiful garden, horses playing, all with a family anyone would be proud of … but I couldn’t feel an ounce of appreciation. I spent 10 years as a functioning alcoholic. (more…)

Bobbie’s Story

In the beginning I thought treatment was a load of BS, I told Cyndi right off the bat that if she could ‘change’ me she could change anyone. Even my granny wished Cyndi luck when she dropped me off. I came in at 21 years old, quitting simply to save my marriage. There was zero desire for myself. I was still in party mode; the wild child. (more…)

Alyssa’s Story

Come as You Are saved my life.  Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I don’t say this lightly either because without it, I know I would be a statistic. (more…)

Kayla’s Story

Come As You Are, not only accepted me right where I was, but also welcomed me into their home. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for Come as You Are for the tools they gave me including the Life Skills course, the steps, but most of all the counseling. I have had a lot of trauma in my life and today I can talk about it. (more…)

Marley’s Story

I don’t even know where to start, there is so much I could say about Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. – I guess I’ll start with how desperate I was. I was 5 months pregnant the last time I used, that’s when I decided enough was enough. (more…)

Lisa’s Story

Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. is an amazing place of acceptance and healing. I personally feel that this place saved my daughter’s life. At Come As You Are she felt right at home. She was treated with respect in the warm, cozy, and welcoming centre. (more…)

Patty’s Story

In April of 2019 we took our daughter to a treatment centre in the lower mainland. We heard from her she was doing good, things were going good, then all of a sudden she was living in a shelter. She called me all excited “Mom I’m going into a new treatment center.”, I have to say I had a really hard time believing this given the past history with being untruthful. (more…)