Alyssa’s Story

Come as You Are saved my life.  Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I don’t say this lightly either because without it, I know I would be a statistic.

Being well educated and with my job titles, I thought the Life Skills Program would be beneath me. I was wrong. The educators here know how to implement and teach the very skills I didn’t know I was missing for so long.

Within 60 days I now have the skills and tools to manage the life I longed for.  I am now the woman I want to be and mom my children deserve.

I cannot thank Come as You Are enough! I know my higher power put me here to have the chance to start again.

I am still growing daily but I finally have what I have always dreamed of: the courage, tools and skills to joyfully and courageously live my life again.

Joyfully, Alyssa – 41 years old