Cyndi VanderHoek

Program Director

Certified Counsellor

Photo of Cyndi VanderHoek - Program DirectorFounder and Program Director of Come as You Are Addiction Services Ltd., Cyndi has an innate gift and passion to work in the helping field. Her vision to help others create a happy, content, and fulfilled life free from addiction inspired her to take this next step in her journey in a huge way. She has dedicated hours, months, and years developing the program that makes Come as You Are a success. Cyndi has 24 years of recovery and working with women in addiction. She possesses many diverse skills including achieving her Diploma in Professional Counselling along with her Addiction Worker’s Certificate. She is currently attending Trinity Western University to complete her BA. Her commitment and dedication to not only learning more but as well, continuing to grow in recovery make working with her advantageous and pleasurable. Cyndi’s zest and love for living is contagious and shines through in all areas of her life.

Jandy Sertic

Recovery Consultant / Support Staff

Photo of Jandy - Recovery Consultant / Support WorkerJandy’s warm loving heart will immediately make you feel welcome.  She has 15 plus years experience of one-on-one personal consulting experience.  After her own struggles with alcohol, Jandy understands firsthand the hopelessness that comes with addiction.  The absolute desperation and emptiness you feel waking up each day.  “Come As You Are has given me my life back.  I am the wife and Mother that I lost years ago.  I have a sense of hope, purpose, and joy that before treatment was not possible. My day no longer starts or ends with a drink.”   Jandy has a burning desire to help other women find their hope, and purpose and get a life back that has been lost to addiction.  “I know how hard it is to take that first step. I’ve received the help and support needed to have a life again and I feel honored to have the opportunity to be part of another woman’s journey to freedom. 

kayla Hayward

Recovery Coach Co-ordinator / Support Staff

Kayla came through our 60-day program at Come as You Are as our third client. Kayla lost her way just before attaining her 1-year celebration clean and sober and ended up on the streets of Vancouver for a year. We held on tight to her even in her darkness and by the grace of God, Kayla made it back into recovery. Kayla is feisty and bound and determined to use her past as her greatest asset to help other women never give up, and find a fulfilling life filled with inner peace, joy, and contentment. Today, Kayla lives every aspect of the program to the best of her ability one day at a time. Kayla is a strong, confident woman that believes we all deserve a chance to change our story and start living a new journey.

Anna Wydra

Intake Coordinator \ Support Staff

Anna is the newest addition to our team here at Come as You Are. She completed our 60-day program and since then has been living life with hope and purpose, with her body and mind restored. Anna is incredibly passionate about helping other women find what she has found. She has a way with people that makes us believe she has finally found her place in this world.

Anna is a wonderful addition to the centre. She brings comfort, compassion, and inspiration to the women who walk through the doors. She understands their pain and suffering and is a tribute to the miracles that can happen if you just take that leap and reach out for help. We don’t have to do this alone.

Rowan Rycroft

Recovery Advocate \ Support Staff

Rowan started as a client at Come as You Are, she was already 10 months clean and sober; but was hopeless and broken. Rowan fell in love with the program and graduated with a whole new sense of self. Rowan spent most of her youth battling drug addiction and years of homelessness, running from reality and her feelings. Her experience in recovery has had ups and downs, with stints of sobriety and mental health struggles. Today Rowan takes in every moment with gratitude and acknowledgment of what is possible with God’s help. At only 24 years old Rowan is wise beyond her years. Her love and dedication to empowering women in their healing journey make her a great addition to our team.

Nicole Dehnke


Nicole brings with her a beautiful energy of fun, warmth, and love. She is equipped with multiple skills and abilities specifically her gift of bookkeeping. Her profession as a bookkeeper has spanned several years including working for a large incorporated company.

Nicole is dedicated and loyal; fitting right in with the team. She has a special spot in her heart to help those in need. Nicole has stated that “working at Come as You Are Addiction Services Ltd. is an honour and an absolute delight”.  

Angelina robinson

Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Angelina brings many wonderful attributes to our team. Her large personality shines love and beauty wherever she goes. She has worked in promotions and client engagement in a wide variety of businesses for over 25 years and is excited to bring her marketing gifts to Come as You Are. Angelina regularly participates in charity events, fulfilling her biggest passion in life, which she describes as “people helping people”. She is a true nature lover and when Angelina is not posting and tweeting on FB or Twitter (@CAYA_women) for Come as You Are Addiction Services Ltd., she can often be found hiking or camping in her “happy place”.