How We Do It

The program is diverse to meet individual needs and yet structured to teach discipline. We support with love and compassion, however, challenge with gentle guidance. We honour you with acceptance right where you are in your journey. We will promote development of your inner peace and joy. We will provide continued support and inspire autonomy and empowerment. We lead with passion and strength – building each other up.


Women with hands in the air celebrating

Addiction steals lives. Addiction can rob you of the gift of living a worthwhile life. We strive to guide you to the life you were meant to experience. Our program objective is to first assist you to ending the abusive cycle of addiction. Whatever your addiction is, with positive motivation and encouragement, addiction free living can be accomplished. Achieving success with the implementation of tools such as:

Community SupportOne on One SupportSpiritual Principles
Addiction AwarenessGroup SessionsRelapse Prevention
12-Step RecoveryRecovery MeetingsAftercare


You Got This

Constructing a strong foundation. Our program helps you create your goals and plan for the life meant for you. Through collaboration with you, we help you find your ultimate life journey. We aspire to guide you to learn positive behavioural skills necessary for participation in everyday life. Creating healthy life skills such as:

Understanding AddictionSetting BoundariesCognitive Behavior Basic Techniques
ForgivenessAnger ManagementGoal Setting
FamilyLife Span DevelopmentRelapse Prevention


Design for living. Developing a designed lifestyle is essential to support you in practicing desired disciplines. We aim to set you up for success with strong practices for daily living. Learning how to have fun free from addiction. Preparing you for a smooth transition back into your life with practiced healthy habits such as:

Self-CareHealth and WellnessRecreation / Events
Daily TasksRelaxation TrainingWalks / Exercise
MeditationJournalingLifestyle / Nutrition