Vicky’s Story

Come as You Are Women’s Addiction Services Ltd. offers an amazing, “God-breathed” program.  It empowers me to identify what my issues are, accept myself, my past, and my current situation, and make the decision to take control of my life by meeting life on life’s terms.

I no longer need to try to control every person, place, or thing that crosses my path. I learned what serenity truly is and how to access it every day through my rekindled relationship with God. I entered this faith-based treatment program agnostic and in complete denial of my addictions. I was kindly guided in short order to acceptance of my powerlessness over substances that were controlling my life and a loving God of my understanding thanks to the compassionate guidance provided by Cyndi (Program Director/Counselor/Life Skills Facilitator) and her awesome team. I believe that I would not have found myself again had it not been for the intensive program at Come as You Are. I didn’t want to live prior to treatment because the life I was living was completely unmanageable and I could not figure a way out on my own. The program at Come as You Are is literally life-giving. I learned so many tools, coping strategies, goal-setting, and gained practical knowledge about addiction and relapse prevention during daily life skills classes which led to my perception of life-changing as a result. These classes were eerily poignant in both the timing of each unit and the subject matter of each individual class as it related to my recovery journey. The classes themselves were challenging and the homework intense at times but Cyndi is extremely flexible and adaptable, offering the best version of the program for each individual’s needs. This private facility has only seven beds creating an intimate class size for Life Skills, which leaves room for more discussion on the subject matter as it relates to each individual’s situation. The small class size created a group counseling environment, but Cyndi was always extremely discreet regarding personal information, and it was completely up to the clients to disclose individual issues they may be grappling with. In addition to Life skills I also received once-a-week 1-on-1 counseling with Cyndi. As a class facilitator, she was wonderful, insightful, caring, and strong and as a counselor, she is even more so; always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her client’s needs are being met. I was able to work through so many issues and resentments that had been preventing me from living a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life thanks to the excellent care I received in counseling.

Aside from the life-giving program, dedicated staff, and amazing Director/Counselor/Life Skills Facilitator the facility itself is breathtaking. Located on an acreage in the Lower Mainland surrounded by impossibly tall coniferous trees, bountiful fruit trees, and grazing fields for the animals; it feels like you’re homesteading in a forest but with all the amenities of a modern home. The house is a cozy rancher with super comfortable beds, a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, a gorgeous fireplace, a big-screen TV for movie nights, and an amazing kitchen to cook in! Outside, there’s a garden, an in-ground pool, and goats, chickens, and sheep to watch. Speaking of animals, there’s a very special furry creature named Lucy who gives the best hugs. She’s a Bernese-Rottie mix and I loved having an animal around the house during the day to cuddle. I left behind two elementary school-aged children and a few pets to attend the 60-day program at Come as You Are and was terribly homesick for weeks. Having Lucy around helped with that immensely.

Leaving my family to take care of myself was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I felt like a terrible mother for leaving my kids for so long. Cyndi and her staff continually reminded me that taking these two short months to take care of myself was the best gift I could possibly give them. It’s almost three months since I graduated and I can safely say that they were right. I still have my challenges, living a sober life as a single mom with additional mental health issues can be a struggle at times. But I’m a better mother now with a toolbox full of strategies. I’m more emotionally supportive, have better boundaries and communication skills, and I’m more mentally present for my children. I’m no longer trying to pour from an empty cup and I’m better equipped to meet their increasingly complex needs.

The after-care offered at Come as You Are is beyond comparison and completely customized to the individual needs of each client. When I need extra support Come as You Are is there like family. I feel like it’s my second home where I can be myself without judgment or anxiety over letting people down. Cyndi is very accessible for troubleshooting baffling real-life situations and is also the best cheerleader, celebrating every new milestone in sobriety I proudly share with her, no matter how small – she’s been there and knows how big they all really are to us.

I am so grateful for the connections I made attending this program and the lessons I learned through completing it. Come as You Are saved my life and changed it for the better. If you are struggling to cope with yours and you use drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction to get you through the day I strongly recommend reaching out to Come as You Are. Help is available! Cyndi, the Come as You Are recovery program, and her amazing staff are there to empower you to live a life free of addiction, foster connection and resilience, learn self-acceptance, self-love, and the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Make the decision to get better, throw yourself into this program, and amazing things will happen in recovery.

Take care and may God bless you.

Vicky M. – 33 years old