Patty’s Story

In April of 2019 we took our daughter to a treatment centre in the lower mainland. We heard from her she was doing good, things were going good, then all of a sudden she was living in a shelter. She called me all excited “Mom I’m going into a new treatment center.”, I have to say I had a really hard time believing this given the past history with being untruthful.

So the morning she was on her way to the new Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd., she called me from the taxi. She was terrified, it was raining, and you could hear the fear in her voice. She went in and she text and called and said mom this lady is so nice, her name is Cyndi and she will keep you posted how I’m doing.

So over the duration of her 60 days at Come As You Are I had many conversations with Cyndi in regards to Kayla’s progress and how she was making out. I have never in my life met a more caring, loving , concerned lady in my days , someone who cared for my girl as much as I did. We took my 4 grandchildren ( Kayla’s children ) to her celebration at the end of her program, and to say I was beyond floored, impressed is an understatement !!! This centre is so serene, beautifully laid out and beyond welcoming! The program Kayla did definitely put her on the right track in life. She still has a long way to go however she is over 9 months clean , and still dedicated to getting better. A lot of this I myself will never personally understand as they are not demons I have ever had to deal with.

I can not say enough about Dan and Cyndi and the staff at Come As You Are! They are a blessing and a godsend!!! I truly believe they are what saved my little girls life!!