Lisa’s Story

Come As You Are Addiction Services Ltd. is an amazing place of acceptance and healing. I personally feel that this place saved my daughter’s life. At Come As You Are she felt right at home. She was treated with respect in the warm, cozy, and welcoming centre.

After two days she asked to stay longer, and having extended to three months, she asked to stay longer again. We were overjoyed at the change in our daughter. Watching her self-confidence grow along with her self-awareness and strong desire to change was a miracle. I honestly thought I would one day get the call that all parents dread.

She had been to other treatment centres, but there was no connection, no feeling of “safe”. She would come out and when real life hit, she would relapse.

One of the main differences she felt CAYA was that they not only helped her through her addiction, but they taught her life skills for when she graduated from the program and was on her own. The continued support programs and counseling in the after-care ensured that she was continuing to do well. Right after graduating she was hit by a death of a friend which I felt would have sent her spiraling back down into addiction. Instead, she reached out to Cyndi and was guided through the process of feeling and how to accept and process those feelings instead of masking with drugs and alcohol. This was the true test that this place works.