Emily’s Story

Welcome. If you are reading this and are suffering with addiction, or someone you love is, you are in the very right place. Come As You Are has been a God-given miracle. It provided me from day 1, the strength to make space for the journey of healing to begin. Breaking the chains and freeing myself from the horrifying and deadly grip of addiction. Come As You Are, was the very first treatment centre I have ever attended, and so gratefully was blessed with. Walking into those doors, knowing that you are going to have to fight hard for a life free from addiction, was one of the most fearful and scariest things I have ever faced. Although, as soon as I drove down that beautiful driveway and up the stairs to that doorstep, I was overcome with a sense of safety, belonging, and hope. The support and love I felt as soon as I arrived is so amazing. It is scary and hard to let go of the behaviours that temporarily helped you cope in your past in active addiction. But let me tell you, it was one of the most relieving and beautiful feelings I have ever felt; even to this day. The disease of addiction would tell me in the past that, there is no hope for me, that I deserved all the pain it brought me, that I was worthless, and that I am wasting my time trying to make space for healing and change by attending treatment. When those intrusive thoughts flooded my mind mostly within the early days at the centre, I was overflowed with the support, patience, and truth that was there for me to lean on and hold onto from the staff.

I was so fortunate to receive this constantly from all the incredible staff. What an amazing and courageous thing it is, to recognize and work hard to change a way of living without the temporary escape that drugs and alcohol bring.  One of the many highlights I valued the most during my treatment was after working hard and completing and graduating from the program, the aftercare that is provided. It allowed me to stay in touch and supported me while transitioning back into the community. I knew that I was never alone and could reach out at anytime for support. The connection that is formed through all the staff and other wonderful clients is something that I still absolutely adore. And that will always remain. The thing that makes Come As You Are so special is that you are never just there and connected while doing 60-90 days, but instead a lifetime of connection and strong support system. Come As You Are is a God send. This magical centre and program is something I am forever grateful for, as it saved my life. If you are considering and looking into starting your own journey of healing at Come As You Are, I strongly encourage you to reach out. I know the exact feeling of despair and darkness from my past suffering , but can also now gratefully say I know the feeling of hope and freedom too. And you can too.

I can’t wait for your miracle to begin.

Emily – 22 years old