Bobbie’s Story

In the beginning I thought treatment was a load of BS, I told Cyndi right off the bat that if she could ‘change’ me she could change anyone. Even my granny wished Cyndi luck when she dropped me off.

I came in at 21 years old, quitting simply to save my marriage. There was zero desire for myself. I was still in party mode; the wild child.
My biggest fear was losing being the fun one, I couldn’t figure out how in the world I could be comfortable in my skin sober, even afraid to be around my closest friends without my shine on.

But man did I get proven wrong! I am still as chatty and feisty as ever. I have people wanting to hang out all the time now and I am truly comfortable sober.

At Come as You Are you feel right at home. You have people who really understand you. They are not “all talk”. The staff is amazing. Each staff member takes their time to get to know you personally. The entire staff is so easy to warm up to.

Cyndi is just amazing. I cannot even describe how much she has done for me. She really runs this program from her heart. God runs it right alongside her. It is impossible not to see Him working through her.

I came in scared of what the new reality would be. I didn’t know how to act or think sober. It was downright terrifying but so worth it!

It is incredible what 60 days can do to a person. 60 days appears like a lot in the beginning – and it is. You are about to change your life around. It’s crazy. But, when it is all over you feel overwhelming accomplishment. Every sober day turns into a reward. I can now go to sleep at night knowing I got my husband back. I am competing on my horse (and staying on now). Each day I am making memories; real memories! I will remember fully and with love every second of this new life I am creating.

I encourage anyone to take the biggest crazy ride of your life. Give Come as You Are a go! If it could work for me it can work for you; I will stand by that forever.

Gratefully, Bobbie – 21 years old